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We elevate app development through purposeful design

We design standout products for unforgettable digital experiences.

What we do

Our team of app development experts leverages the latest technology to help your startup reach its goals faster and more efficiently.

We provide an honest evaluation of how app technology can support your business objectives and drive growth.

We stick to our guiding principles as socially conscious entrepreneurs while we build your ideal tech solutions.

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We are our own biggest investors


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Your questions.

Do you sign NDAs?

Yes 🤫

Send it as soon as you can so that there is no delay in working with you!

Do you have a Portfolio?

Yes 🙌

• Currently Managing 17 Apps for one of our clients, these include 3 apps for L'Oréal and 1 for HP
• Checkout our Case Studies here

What are your expertise?

We are a full-stack development team, with a background in Computer Science.

For apps, we specialise in hybrid technologies that allow us to deploy apps on both iOS & Android simultaneously.

As entrepreneurs ourselves who have first-hand experience in the successes, failures and other challenges that come with launching a tech startup, we bring all of that to the table. We aren't just another developer - we've likely been where you are right now.  We are your co-founder, your technical partner and your CTO.

How much does it cost to work with you?

You should be very suspicious of a developer that can quote you a price without knowing what you want/need.

How do we calculate the pricing?
Our pricing model is based on how many pages your website or app requires, and from that we can calculate how much time it will take to produce each of those pages. As such we typically map out exactly how your app is going to work page to page in a flow diagram.

Is it a full one-time payment?
If you prefer to do one-time payments, perfect! However most of our clients prefer the payments to be broken down into multiple schedules, that link to each milestone as the project progresses.


Can you build apps for different operating systems?

Yes, and in fact we specialise in hybrid technologies that allow us to deploy apps on both iOS & Android simultaneously, the main 2.

What level of involvement do you require from me?

This is flexible from client to client.

Some clients may require a lot of guidance from us in terms of product roadmap, technology and business and as such the client's input may be limited to just approving each step as we go along. We also need their input on iterations along the way.

Other clients may (typically those working with more stakeholders) require a much higher level of input in terms of design systems, wireframes and prototypes.

Finally it comes down to how much involvement you want as a client, either way works for us as we offer a full design & build service.

How do you communicate with clients?

How often do we need to communicate?
For most of our active clients we work in 2 week sprints and look to update our clients at those checkpoints.

What are the methods of communication prior to starting a project? 
We typically use a dedicated channel on Slack and then Email for project comms. For emergencies we may use WhatsApp or direct phone calls or SMS.

What project management tools do they implement?
We use Trello.

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