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Our agency connected with a London-based entrepreneur, fitness and food enthusiast, to develop an app in the Health & Fitness and Diet & Nutrition categories. The app, called MeNuu, is an interactive menu of the UK's favourite franchise restaurants, helping users make more informed nutritional decisions when eating out.

The client had previously attempted to develop this app but the agency did not finish the project and withheld the code, leaving the client in a difficult situation. The client approached our team to help with a complete rebrand and relaunch of the app.


We began with several idea sessions where the goal was to pinpoint the user journey flow of the app. From there, we moved on to low fidelity wireframes, which were approved before we moved on to high fidelity designs coupled with a Figma prototype.

For the app development, we used React Native and Google Firebase for the backend. In order to allow the client to manage the menus on the platform, the restaurants, and the users, we designed and built a separate admin panel.

As a hybrid app, MeNuu was developed to be deployed on both iOS and Android from a single codebase.


MeNuu is currently undergoing the final stages of testing and is set to launch in early 2023. The client, a London-based entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, is excited to bring this app to market and help users make more informed nutritional decisions when eating out at their favourite franchise restaurants. The combination of the client's passion for health and fitness and our team's app development skills has resulted in a promising product that we look forward to launching in the near future.

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