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Developing a Niche Beauty and Wellness App

Your free one-stop-shop for beauty and skincare

Case Study


We connected with a first-time tech-founder based in Seattle, Washington who had been working on an idea for an app in the beauty and wellness category for close to 7 years with not much to show for it. The app was to be a one-stop-shop for beauty and skincare, allowing users to find and connect with local independent black-owned brands for products and services. The client had previously spent $12k on a rogue app developer who only produced incomplete wireframes before ghosting them, so they were looking for a reliable team to help build their MVP.


We started by working closely with the client to fully understand their vision for the app and the target audience. From there, we developed the full UX/UI designs for the app, including a high fidelity prototype to give the client a clear understanding of how the app would look and function.

We also conducted a full branding process for the app, including identity designs and marketing assets for social media posts. Once the designs were finalized, we began the development process using the Ionic Framework and Google Firebase for the backend. This allowed us to build a hybrid app that could be deployed on both iOS and android from one codebase.

In addition to the main app, we also developed a landing page for the client's prelaunch and created a sales script for them to use to sign up beauty professionals for their platform.


The app has been successfully developed and all we are waiting for is to align with the client for launch. The client is extremely satisfied with the final product and has hired a business consultant to help take the app to the next level. They have big ambitions for 2023 and have requested that we work closer with them and play a significant role going forward..

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