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Creating a web platform that allows influencers and viral page owners to get paid via a link in their bio

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Case Study

After running a viral instagram page with a large following, the Featurely Team started receiving 100s of requests to buy promotions and shoutouts on their page, it quickly became overwhelming for them.

The high activity was leading to them spending an excessive amount of time on Instagram responding to messages both serious and spam, and this meant not always responding quickly to business opportunities and missing out as a result. We saw 2 challenges here:

Challenge 1: Could we create a platform that would allow them to list their services and take orders via their social media page.

Challenge 2: If Challenge 1 was successful could we open up this platform so that any other viral page owner or influencer could also use it whilst allowing the Featurely team to make a small profit from every transaction happening through their platform.

The Featurely Team chose Keza because of our willingness to help them build an MVP that they could test in the market and then scale it in a short space of time.

The potential users would mainly be working from their Instagram pages so we created a web app where users could create an online storefront for page owners to sell promotions & shoutouts through a link in the bio of their Instagram account. The web app allowed users to:

• Create a one page storefront
• List their promotional services and prices
• Manage their orders
• Track their statistics on a dashboard
• SaaS memberships with different tiers and different features

We also created an admin portal for the Featurely Team to:

• Oversee all of the stats on the platform
• Manage users

We've really built a must have tool for influencers. The seamless order process, whether online or offline has really helped influencers make a proper business out of Instagram promos

Featurely Team

A lot of platforms like Linktree, OnlyFans & Cameo have grown on the back of their user’s popularity through the power of the link in bio, what ideas do you have that can do the same?

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