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We created a SaaS enabled tool for a founder looking to help local professionals get online and manage their businesses

After the success of their first project, the Luvhair Team approached us for a follow up product that helped local beauty professionals advertise their businesses & services, manage their appointments and get paid.

Case Study

After creating a marketplace where clients could find professionals, the Luvhair Team wanted to add value to the professional community the were aggregating on the Luvhair directory.

Most beauty professionals on Luvhair were not tech savvy, and barely had any online visibility of their pricing and services, they handled their client communications manually using pen & paper or via SMS & WhatsApp. The opportunity here was to create a one-stop-shop solution for beauty professionals to get online, get booked and get paid.

Having worked with us before the Luvhair Team knew what to expect for LH Partner all-beit a very different product. For this project we had a 10 week deadline for a very feature-rich platform, so it was crucial to adopt a technology strategy that supported quick feedback loops and scaling.

We looked forward to taking on this challenge as it was a perfect opportunity to help a client scale and tackle an even bigger problem. We looked at what was working and what wasn’t for our beauty professionals.

Using the latest in Hybrid Technology we were able to easily produce a both an iOS and Android app where beauty professionals could:

• List their business.
• Add their list of professional services and the prices.
• Showcase photos of their work online.
• Manage their schedules.
• Receive smooth cashless payments via stripe.

This app is a game-changer for these pros, yesterday I spoke with a hairdresser working from home and being being a business owner and a mum of two her time is so precious and she hasn't had the time to learn marketing, but since joining the app a lot of that stuff is taken care of.

Luvhair Team

A lot of local businesses are working almost exclusively offline and doing a lot of things manually that could be done really easily online. Do you have an idea that could add value to their businesses?

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