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For this project we were tackling the hair and beauty market for women of colour and we provided a full 360 service that involved product discovery, creative services, software development and ongoing support.

We helped a bootstrapping team with zero technical experience tackle a huge social problem in the beauty space.

Case Study

After running a 90K+ online community of women of colour centred around hair the Luvhair Team became acutely aware of the inefficiencies in their everyday beauty experiences.

The market was heavily fragmented, mainstream highstreet establishments weren’t offering the services, if the services were found the pricing wasn’t transparent and the quality was not consistent. A lot of issues like this were being solved by on-demand marketplaces for other niche markets just like this and the Luvhair Team thought they could do the same.

Working with Keza was a no-brainer for the team because they knew we were experienced entrepreneurs ourselves and we had built a similar product before and so could act as more than just their developers, we could help them right from the product discovery with business strategy meetings, focus groups & user testing right through to the software development and maintenance all while guiding them around pitfalls to avoid.

As a socially focused company, we identified with the problem very well having ourselves seen that problem resonate in our families, so we had no issue getting stuck into the problem. Our first stage was all about defining the problem through research and focus groups and the Luvhair Team really enjoyed these phases.

We finished up producing a really feature-rich hyperlocal beauty marketplace app for both iOS and Android where buyers could:

• Find the best beauty professionals nearby are aggregated in one place that can be filtered by preferences.
• Schedule services and track realtime.
• Make smooth cashless payments that are secure.
• Leave honest reviews and feedback to help others choose well and promote the best service providers

With this app, women of colour can slay on-demand! They can get the hair they want anytime, anywhere

Luvhair Team

The world is going on-demand. Keep up with it with your own on-demand marketplace app.

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